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Bidik Art Tshirt & Premium Gift

Monday, July 25, 2011

Recreational Park & Jogging Trek @ Teluk Sisek

Today I went to Taman Kejiranan Teluk Sisek, Before this I've never 
thought to stop here since for me there ain't nothing special.
Apparently my assumption was definitely wrong,
actually there are a lot of interesting
things I found there.

One of those, as you can see in the picture below, there have a proper yet beautiful Jogging Trek
provided by Kuantan Municipal Council ( MPK )

You can jog or walk till you drop..or at least taking a seat before the lake
and feeds the hungry fishes there as you wish.

The air is so fresh and you can feel that you just have jog at your own garden

Where there are fruits, green trees, the blue lake and many more that is so unexpected

This is the main entrance to the garden & jogging trek. Why don't you just pay a visit and 
sweat yourself there instead of reading this blog.

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